We go
the extra mile

Are you looking
for a software team
experienced in:

tackling critical business processes like passenger check-in or covid testing?
problem solving in any context, at any level, ship crew to business management to the CTO?
transforming manual tasks and legacy workflows into effective digital solutions?
dealing with intermittent connectivity in maritime and other distributed environments?
desktop, mobile, web, cloud, custom hardware and machine learning?
worldwide deployments and maritime conditions?
providing industry leading 24/7 support which solves 92% of issues within 1 hour?

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We find the solutions
your business needs

In maritime and complex environments like it, solving problems with software often requires going beyond the initial specification.

We bring a lean mindset and uncover value by immersing ourselves in the project context.

Everything you need
for reliable innovation

Our core experience comes from 10 years of building end-to-end solutions for maritime environments.

We focus on using proven and reliable tools, but don’t shy away from innovative technology that brings clear benefits to our clients.

For great solutions
we go on board

On-site delivery is a crucial part of the way we work. Deployments allow us to observe our solutions in use, under ever-changing maritime circumstances.

Our teams readily travel across continents and roll out our software to entire fleets.

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We support our software
through any challenge

We fully understand that for our clients to entrust critical business processes to our software, we must provide dependable support.

We are experienced in supporting round-the-clock operations which run across time zones.

Check out our products

Speed up check-in with an app

Smooth check-in is key to a great passenger experience.
Having solved this challenge for our clients, we now offer EasyQ as a turn-key solution.

  • all check-in steps covered by one powerful Android
  • enables social distancing through mobile registration anywhere at the terminal
  • error-free data entry using built-in document and barcode scanning
  • ahead-of-time registration during passenger transfers with offline and sync
  • quick terminal set-up with much less hardware
  • integrates with Fidelio and Otalio PMS, ready for others

Well recognized

Face recognition enables many of our innovative digital transformation projects.

We used to integrate third-party off-the-shell face recognition engines, but they were heavy for our cases and our clients needs.

We built cFace as a tighter and lighter alternative, which we now make availabel to you.

cFace supports:

  • competitive identification accuracy achieved using deep neutral networks
  • Simple API, designed for mobile applications
  • static photos and video streem handling

What our clients say about us

As a tech company, we could not be more satisfied with the working filosofy and deliverables from Codefit. All has been done with the highest quality and exact time/cost estimations agreed in advance. We look forward to keeping our relationship-building outstanding and new products together.
Ronny Bakke CEO
I have been working together with Codefit for many years. I really appreciate their reliability and creativity. They always find customer-oriented solutions, support quickly and are highly motivated at all times. With their open and flexible view on new topics, they find super innovative and individual solutions. I look forward to our new joint developments.
Anja Hansen Senior Manager Guest Services & Administration
Codefit supports us in projects to drive digitalisation forward. We can always rely on professional competence, 24/7 availability and fast support. Thank you for the consistently good cooperation, we look forward to continuing our collaboration with the Codefit team.
Franziska Sauer Manager Fleet Operation
Working with the guys from codefit is always a pleasure. They develop very reliable and convenient systems that are easy to use and maintain. What we really admire is their dedication and commitment with their service. Their after sales support is really outstanding, they’re always available whenever we encounter some problems and they’re really fast when it comes to finding solutions. I would definitely recommend them. A great company like codefit is really hard to find.
Jerome Ramirez Senior IT Technician
We have been collaborating and carrying out multiple projects together with Codefit since 2015. Jointly we create, take forward and successfully implement on-board systems. Thanks to flexibility and innovative approach of Codefit’s experienced team, all business objectives are met on time and in a satisfying way. Their continuous support is outstanding in the cruise industry. They are ready at any time to support us on site on our ships worldwide, even under difficult conditions.
Christian Gantzen IT Manager Onboard
We are working together with codefit for one year now and I am still impressed. The guys don’t see problems – they just solve them. The combination of innovative ideas and the enthusiasm to put them into practice will help them to grow in the IT market.
Christian Lanz CEO

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