Going the extra mile

The key lessons we learned in our early days influence the way we work to this day:


Always go on board

Maritime software that is really fit for purpose cannot be developed purely on shore. The impact of maritime realities on our software must be experienced first hand.


Listen to the crews

There is great value in getting direct feedback from the crews who use our software. Taking a deep dive and understanding how they work lets us discover new solutions.


Help proactively

Many crew struggles are barely known on shore. Many office ideas won’t work on board. Proactive communication and solution discovery brings great value to ship and shore.


Innovation is essential

Emerging technology brings great value to maritime software solutions. Competitive solutions require innovation, but it’s crucial to make it dependable.


Robust beats fancy

Software delivers value only when it is used and for that the crews must trust it to work. The best features won’t matter if the software is not reliable.


Effective support is a must

Under ever-changing maritime circumstances things inevitably go wrong.
For critical software, support has to solve issues fast, from a distance,
24 hours a day. This only works when knowledgeable people support well written software.


Marathons not sprints

Individual releases are key to bringing value, yet they are rarely the end of the story. New ideas and better technology constantly open ways to delivering new value.

We now call these guiding principles: Going the extra mile


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