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AIDA Cruises is the leading German cruise line, which allows passengers to experience a lifestyle-oriented, casual vacation.

The cruises on offer range from regional to around the world, with destinations in Europe, North America and the Caribbean, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

AIDA operates one of the most modern and eco-friendly fleets in the industry, with an overall capacity approaching 40000 passengers.




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On-board photo sales are not easy to scale

Every day, on each AIDA cruise ship, a team of photographers works to capture memorable moments so that the guests can simply enjoy themselves.

This work results in thousands of photos per day, often very similar to one another.

Making those photos available for purchase in print, in an eco-friendly manner, while also ensuring that they are easy to find and order the guests is quite a challenge.


Face recognition to the rescue

Our on-board photography solution for AIDA evolved over the years, but its core elements stay the same. Face recognition to find passenger photos quickly and photo lab integration to print photos on demand to minimize costs and the environmental footprint.

User interfaces, on the other hand, have changed a lot over time. Dedicated kiosks gave way to tablet devices, which are very cost-effective points of sale and can easily be deployed in large numbers to eliminate guest queues.

To continue speeding up photo sales using face recognition in our tablet apps, we created our own light-weight mobile face recognition engine: cFace

Technology stack


More sales

through great UX and adaptive sales policies


less photo prints wasted

6 hours

of crew time saved daily

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