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AIDA Cruises is the leading German cruise line, which allows passengers to experience a lifestyle-oriented, casual vacation.

The cruises on offer range from regional to around the world, with destinations in Europe, North America and the Caribbean, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

AIDA operates one of the most modern and eco-friendly fleets in the industry, with an overall capacity approaching 40000 passengers.




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Check-in queues don’t make the guests happy

Making sure that the guests get a top notch experience throughout the cruise is at the core of the AIDA Cruises mission.

Still, to get on board, every guest has to go through check-in procedures, which often cause delays and frustrating queues.

The delays get even worse when the check-in hardware or network fails – which is bound to happen when the infrastructure has to be set up from scratch at nearly every terminal.


Time for a mobile revolution

We’ve radically streamlined the check-in process with a dedicated smartphone application, which lets crews identify passengers and perform embarkation steps anywhere at the terminal, or even during transfers.

The app automates data entry to reduce both processing times and errors. It also minimizes the time needed for embarkation setup.

We also make it possible to schedule guest check-in times so that check-in queues become a thing of the past.

Technology stack


1 minute

check-in time per passenger


set-up time needed for our mobile app

Check-in anywhere

using offline sync

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