Healthy cruising in COVID times

AIDA, cruise with a smile

AIDA Cruises is the leading German cruise line, which allows passengers to experience a lifestyle-oriented, casual vacation.

The cruises on offer range from regional to around the world, with destinations in Europe, North America and the Caribbean, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

AIDA operates one of the most modern and eco-friendly fleets in the industry, with an overall capacity approaching 40000 passengers.




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New situation, new precautions

The Covid pandemic had a significant impact on the cruising industry, initially forcing it to shut down. To reopen safely, new requirements and precautions had to be developed and implemented promptly.

For AIDA this meant a pressing need to effectively integrate Covid certificate checks, social distancing, contact tracing and area capacity limit monitoring into on-board procedures.


Covid-proof cruise solutions

Our team worked relentlessly on new and existing apps to meet the new requirements.

Our check-in app was extended with EU Covid Certificate verification that ensures the guests can safely embark. Our scheduled check-in feature was also adapted to improve social distancing at the terminals.

We introduced Digital Safety Information, a new application which lets guests learn safety protocols in the cabin, instead of attending crowded instruction drills.

We built an app for location-aware board card scanning to help the crew monitor area capacity limits and schedule attendance so that the guests can enjoy popular facilities within limits.

Attendance data gathered by our apps serves as a basis for contact tracing on-board. We made sure that this also covers groups traveling together during transfers and excursions.

Technology stack



EU Covid Certificates checked

Safer cruising

thanks to social distancing and contact tracing


limits monitored on-board

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