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AIDA, cruise with a smile

AIDA Cruises is the leading German cruise line, which allows passengers to experience a lifestyle-oriented, casual vacation.

The cruises on offer range from regional to around the world, with destinations in Europe, North America and the Caribbean, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

AIDA operates one of the most modern and eco-friendly fleets in the industry, with an overall capacity approaching 40000 passengers.




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Company size

Enterprise (10000+)


Cyber attacks have become pervasive

In recent years, the scale, frequency and severity of cyber attacks has only been increasing.

To stay on top of cyber security threats, AIDA Cruises has been expanding efforts at all levels of its operations to minimize risks.

Processing of guest payment cards during cruises was identified as one of the important areas of concern.


Eliminating the need to store sensitive data

Together with AIDA, we reworked the payment card registration process to ensure that the guests’ information is processed in a secure manner.

Our new solution integrates PCI-compliant card readers that ensure end-to-end security and enable card and transaction processing without the need to store sensitive data on-board.

The process is now also handled exclusively within our code, carefully designed to eliminate leaks and unsafe storage of sensitive information.

Technology stack



of cards safely registered every week


secure card verification


sensitive payment data stored on-board

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